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James E. Thompson, M.D.

First Professor and Chairman of Surgery at University of Texas Medical School, Galveston 1891-1927

Founding Member American College of Surgeons 1913

First President Texas Surgical Society 1915-1916

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2014 Officers and Council

 Shelton Viney, M.D..

Hazim J. Safi, M.D.

S. Edwin Duncan, M.D.
Past President

Ronald M. Stewart, M.D.

Ross B. Reagan, M.D.

Richard C. Frazee, M.D.

First Vice President

Robert W. Feldtman, MD
Second Vice President

Douglas W. Robinson, Jr. M.D.
Council Chairman

Alan H. Tyroch , M.D.
Council 2016

Peter Lloyd Rutledge., M.D.
Council 2015

Mellick T. Sykes, M.D.


No class of men needs friction so much as physicians; no class gets less. The daily round of a busy practitioner tends to develop an egoism of a most intense kind, to which there is no antidote. The few setbacks are forgotten, the mistakes are often buried, and ten years of successful work tend to make a man touchy, dogmatic, intolerant of correction, and abominably self-centered. To this mental attitude the Medical Society is the best corrective, and a man misses a good part of his education who does not get knocked about a bit by his colleagues in discussions and criticisms.
Sir William Osler

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